Saturday, March 17, 2012

The NEW Blackberry 4G (TRITON) - Coming June 2012

Blackberry 4G

New Blackberry 4g - Release likely June 2012 - REVIEW.

Say the new Blackberry, 4G with an app store...The Blackberry Triton! The unofficial name (Triton) suits it well as it will be without a doubt, the best blackberry ever... strong, fast, and elite.The new Blackberry 4G, (4G capable) will be available on most networks, including AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular. On AT&T's HSPA 14.4 network, it will offer faster Internet speeds than previous 3g Blackberry's. Verizon Wireless' 4g network (LTE) - Long Term Evolution along with Sprint and T-Mobile (4G Networks), will offer lightening speeds...4-8 times faster than 3G speeds, with coverage available over broader areas. The Blackberry 4g Triton will be made with both CDMA and GSM technology, making it compatible on all U.S. Carriers.No more downloading apps from websites or using desktop managers to install and remove items, this Blackberry 4g can access the app store right from the phone! With the Blackberry 4G App World, you can get the best applications, instantly.

This new Blackberry 4g is set to have a sleek, modern design with a touch of the Blackberry Torch in it's functionality. The functions for the phone itself are an enhanced version of the Storm and Torch, such as accessing the phone book, calendar, etc... but the home screen is wide open for you to customize with applications from the new Blackberry App World. The new Blackberry Triton has app makers scrambling to write the best applications possible to be worthy of the Blackberry line. The new Blackberry will run on the new Blackberry 7OS (Operating System) and the processor is a 1.2-Ghz, single-core Qualcomm Snapdragon QSD8655, and the phone has 768MB of RAM and 4GB of storage.

List of possible features:

  • Mini Camera on front for Video Chat
  • High Definition 8.0 Mega Pixel Camera
  • High Definition Camcorder 720P
  • High Definition Audio
  • HD Memory Card
  • OLED Screen
  • Multi-Touch Navigation
  • True GPS
  • Youtube
  • Blackberry App World

Get ready to customize your blackberry 4g in way you never imagined. Download the Facebook application right to your Blackberry 4g Triton...add the Bloomberg application to keep up on the financial world. Want a mortgage calculator? A pharmacology guide?...or just about anything you can imagine... simply access the Blackberry 4g App World and it's yours in seconds. This app store and phone will work a lot like the iPhone in terms of downloading applications. You can download apps and store them on the internal memory at 8G or an external memory card holding up to 32G of memory, making this Blackberry 4g comparable to other phones on the market.With the new Blackberry 4g, you can surf the web, stream live video, audio, download movies, games and video chat live at lightning Blackberry 4g speeds.

The new Blackberry 4g will have a seriously improved web browser. It will have FULL HTML Web Browsing with multi tough navigation. Even though the current Blackberry Torch claims to have that, it doesn't quite measure up. The new blackberry 4g web browser will now stand proud next to iPhone and HTC Evo browsers.Multi Touch Navigation makes it almost impossible to select the wrong function from the touch screen. Using multi touch technology, the screen is able to register multiple points being selected at one time which makes viewing and selecting material effortless on the new Blackberry 4g.